Sultanate of Oman

Located at a strategically important place at the mouth of Persian Gulf, the country of Oman is one of the founding members of the 6-nation Gulf Cooperation Council and has become one of the major tourist spots in the world. The international trading in oil and gas; combined with the Tourism form the backbone of the nation’s economy. The flexible trading policies of the current monarchy; large influx of tourists and the highly in-demand trade of oil and gas and the developing IT Sector have given rise to a lot of small, medium and large scale enterprises. These enterprises require day-to-day ERP software solutions for various operations including the management of employees all the other counterparts of a business such as inventory, HR and Payroll, Invoicing and Billing.

Why not ‘Readymade’ ERP Solutions?

Though the major drivers of Economy in Oman have been Oil and Gas with Tourism being a recent source of income; the trading and tourism has led to the growth of the enterprise culture in the nation. There are a number of companies making huge deals in oil and petroleum and there are a number of counterparts in the hospitality industry that called for the ERP Solutions in Oman. Further, the introduction of VAT and other such taxing regulations led to the demand of the Customizable ERP Solutions.
The increase in the business called for large and real-time ERP Solutions such as Cloud Based ERP Solutions; ERP Solutions that could accomplish more than just invoicing and billings and the ERP Software that worked in the indigenous language. Axolon ERP offers a wide range of ERP Solutions in Oman and lots of other countries that can be customized as per the needs of the business.
Be it Sales Management and CRM, Cloud ERP, Accounting and Inventory management – Axolon is at your disposal with lots of options to choose from.

Why Choose the Axolon ERP Solutions??

One question that can bother anyone is that – ‘When there are so many ERP Software available online, then why to choose Axolon?’

Well, there are many reasons for making the choice:

  • To begin with, Axolon offers VAT Enabled ERP Solutions that can be tailored to the needs of every kind of business.
  • Apart from invoicing and billing; Axolon Provides Accounting Software, CRM Software, HR Software Modules; and lots of other kinds of ERP Software Modules that can be customized and tailored as per the type and scale of the business.
  • Inventory management; manufacturing processes management; employee management; sales and customer tracking and management and business analysis – Axolon ERP offers much more than the over-the-counter online software and is VAT Compliant as well.
  • One doesn’t have to have a separate ERP Software for HR and Payroll Management and Recording the Project Progress as Axolon Offers an integrated one-in-all package of ERP Software in Oman and other countries.

Having already served a lot of companies and SMBs; Axolon is your perfect business partner that grows with your business and is always ready for any kind of task.

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Finance& Accounting

Powerful VAT Enabled accounting features helping you to run your accounting department smoothly ERP Software

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Sales & Distribution

Manage your Sales and order processing with integrated order management features.

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Vendors & Purchasing

Powerful tools helps you to manage your local or import purchased effectively.

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Manage your Inventory with Multi-Location Inventory Software Management tools.

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HR & Payroll

Manage your human resources and administration with integrated features in HR&Payroll.

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Manage your factory and control your Manufacturing process with the least effort with Axolon ERP Software

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Manage your customer relationship, organize your leads and boost your sales with Axolon ERP Software.

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Point of Sale (POS)

Connect your retail store to your head quarter with integrated Point of Sale solution.

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Project Management

Axolon ERP introduces best Project Management practices which equip the project team to handle the projects efficiently.

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Customize The Way You Want

More Flexibility More Power

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is easy to use and easy to implement. So, you can quickly and efficiently implement and get beyond your current undersized accounting software.


Easy for your Employees

Axolon ERP look and feel is very similar to Microsoft Office and other popular applications that you use daily. That means everyone can jump in and get to work immediately.

Tailor to Your Needs

AxolonERP is designed to give your people insights for their day-to-day work, and with the accurate information, they can solve today’s problems and plan for tomorrow.

No Dependency

With Axolon, your team can change the documents, reports and do other required ERP customization and tailoring when they need. You will not be dependent on others anymore.

What clients say about us

Axolon ERP was unbelievably helpful to me!

Axolon ERP was unbelievably helpful to me. it simplified my whole business process flow . We have Ordered with 5 users initially for the Trading division and now we have added 3 more. We were spending too much time on Quote, orders, invoice and other formats.. but now on a single click, everything get prepared in matter of few secs. The amazing part is the Inventory tracking with barcode Management. I would recommend this to any trading company for organized way of doing business.

Mr. Manikandan
Senior manager
ST Style

Team Axolon is extremely responsive

The team Axolon has always responded whenever we need assistance. They understood our business process life cycle perfectly and they’ve mapped into the system flawlessly. We are impressed with the way they carried out our project and are really convinced with their steadfastness to go live with AXOLON ERP before the deadline.

Mr. Jalaal
Sales Coordinator

Helped our business with VAT enabled ERP software

They have transcended all our expectations of ERP software and helped us with some valuable consultation to streamline our business in UAE. The document management with expiry date tracking is saving both our money and time. Thanks AXOLON

Mr. Yusuf
Managing Director
Al Batool Star Textiles Trading

AxolonERP provides us with a better visibility

AXOLON ERP provides us with a better visibility on the day to day activities of our organizations thus assists us in making quick decisions real time on various business processes. Adopting some standard practices without causing much disturbances to our daily activities have added on to the discipline of the organization. The advantage of acting quicker helps us to stay ahead in this fast pace business world of cutthroat competition

Mr. Siddick
Asst. Finance Manager

Best ERP software for HR management needs

The best part is the salary sheet calculation with OT hours for multi companies. Thank you for making our HR activities automated & simple. Keep going guys

HR Head
Khalifa Lootah Group

Axolon tool helps in managing our real estate documents

AXOLON real estate management tool helps in managing our tenants and their documents. This tool helps us to track the maintenance activities we carry out in our properties and also helps us in understanding the asset depreciation

Mr. Zia Ur Rehman
Chief Accountant
Al Hajri Real Estate

Why Axolon ERP Software

Axolon ERP is a flexible, comprehensive VAT Enabled and customization ERP Software and ready to help organisations take advantage of the changing economic tide with its latest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite.

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Business Management Software Solutions

Our Business Application Offers ERP Software Solutions for all types of Business and Enterprises across all industries, which takes into account your current issues, future expectations and business goals.

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Your Trusted Partner

Our Support Team will react quickly and easily to customer enquiries with information on demand. Axolon ERP Solutions emphasizes on customer and believes on customer relationship between customer satisfaction and business growth.

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