Powerful accounting and financial features helping you to run your accounting department smoothly with Axolon ERP Software.

Manage your Sales and order processing with integrated order management features. Know more about your customers and streamline your collection.

Manage your supply chain and purchase planning. Powerful tools helps you to manage your local or import purchased effectively.

Manage your Inventory with Multi-Location Inventory Software Management tools. Track your Inventory with easy to use tools.

Manage your human resources and administration with integrated  features in HR&Payroll.

Manage your factory and control your Manufacturing process with the least effort with Axolon ERP Software

Manage your customer relationship, organize your leads and boost your sales with Axolon ERP Software.

Connect your retail store to your head quarter with integratedPoint of Sale solution.

User interface that you will love

Customize the Way You Want

ERP Software Dubai,Inventory Software,HR&Payroll,Project Management

Axolon ERP is one of the leading ERP Software Solutions in Dubai, developed by Micromind Solutions LLC. Micromind Solutions headquartered in Dubai, UAE is a leading business management software development Company catering the ERP system requirements of Small and medium enterprises (SME’s) in UAE, Middle East, Africa and other countries around the globe through their leading-edge ERP system software – Axolon ERP.

Axolon ERP is proud to provide a wide variety of ERP Software Solutions catering to various business Sectors like Trading, Construction, Distribution, Manufacturing, Automotive, Medical, Real estate developers, Educational institutions, FMCG Companies, Retails and many more. We are one of the leading ERP solution provider in Dubai specialized in Financial Accounting software, CRM, Inventory, Project Management, HR & Payroll and Point of Sale (POS) Software Solutions etc.

Axolon ERP is the most flexible,  UAE VAT Enabled  , Cost- efficient, user friendly, comprehensive and customizable ERP Software in Dubai. We Axolon ERP software helps you to integrate your business into one system in order to facilitate every element of the business process. It also incorporates various modules and to perform various departmental and cross-departmental needs.

Micromind solutions provide the best ERP Software solutions in UAE with our personalized and customer tailored service through a team of passionate developers and dedicated support staff. Our prime focus is to bring Axolon ERP to be the top ERP software in Dubai, through cutting-edge innovative ERP software development solutions serving unlimited industries and unmatched customer service by surpassing all expectations of our Clients.

ERP Software Dubai,Inventory Software,HR&Payroll,Project Management

Our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is easy to use and easy to implement. So, you can quickly and efficiently implement and get beyond your current undersized accounting software.

  • Easy for your Employees – Micromind Axolon look and feel is very similar to Microsoft Office and other popular applications that you use daily. That means everyone can jump in and get to work immediately.

  • Tailor to Your Needs – Micromind Axolon is designed to give your people insights for their day-to-day work, and with the accurate information, they can solve today’s problems and plan for tomorrow.

  • No Dependency – With Axolon, your team can change the documents, reports and do other required ERP customization and tailoring when they need. You will not be dependent on others anymore.


ERP Software Dubai,Inventory Software,HR&Payroll,Project Management
Business Management Software Solutions

Our Business Application Offers ERP Software Solutions for all types of Business and Enterprises across all industries, which takes into account your current issues, future expectations and business goals. We offers design, development, implementation and support for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationshoip Management (CRM) Business Modules.

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ERP Software Dubai,Inventory Software,HR&Payroll,Project Management
Why Axolon ERP Software ?

Axolon ERP is a flexible, comprehensive and customizable ERP Software and ready to help organisations take advantage of the changing economic tide with its latest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite.Single and familiar user interface to access all types of business information for all users. we offer a variety of tools to assist our prospects in evaluating various ERP solutions, all designed to help find the best ERP software system and ERP vendor for their respective businesses.

Axolon offers leading expertise to support business transformations and related IT implementations. We pride ourselves on our collaborative and responsive customer service.We provide clients with end-to-end solutions in business efficiency for accounting and staff management, inventory integration, sales optimisation and resource deployment. The solution architecture is based on the industry best practices which enable business to adopt quickly and effectively drive the business.

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ERP Software Dubai,Inventory Software,HR&Payroll,Project Management
Your Trusted Partner

Our Support Team will react quickly and easily to customer enquiries with information on demand. Axolon ERP Solutions emphasizes on customer and believes on customer relationship between customer satisfaction and business growth. Optimum planning helps to fulfil customer demands and exceed expectations. Our company values, policies and business models are formulated with customer as main focus.

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