Supply Chain Management

Controlling supply chain is critical for any inventory based business. Accurate information on the inventory, purchase orders and shipments are the key to success.

Once your business grows the risk of losing control over your supply chain process is increasing and with control, you can have more efficient people and processes, a better handle on costs, happier customers and, ultimately, greater profits.

Axolon ERP provides you a set of features to have control over your purchases, imports and vendor relationship.

With a real-time look into sales data, inventory, shipment schedules, and more, you’ll have a total picture of what’s coming in and what’s going out, and you will have more time managing the more important parts of your business.

  • Simplify ordering, purchasing and receiving processes.
  • Know what your customers want now, and plan for what they’ll want next.
  • Get the tools to make better buying decisions and to discuss better terms.