10 Questions You must ask before implementing an ERP software for your business

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At Axolon, we try to be more company consultants than tech vendors here. With this in mind, we have come up with Ten questions that any organization considering ERP software should ask the firms to be included in the process. The questions are entirely product agnostic and are structured to ensure that you ask the correct questions and ensure a smooth implementation process.
This blog post was not written to promote us, but rather to advise you on your path to effective implementation of ERP.
In your search for the right ERP business partner, we hope these questions will benefit you.

1) How would you define your business processes?

The ERP solution is genuinely a platform to better streamline business processes. You need to understand the company processes and categorize them. If you have a straight-forward method and are you able to adjust and upgrade your procedures based on the approach you choose? If you have dynamic systems that need a highly-configured solution? Whatever the answer, you’re going to need a solution that fits appropriately.

2) How many successful ERP installations have you made?

Implementation of the ERP can be a dynamic and often inconsistent undertaking. Any consultant you employ for the project should be well-experienced with years of practice such that they are prepared to work with any situations that might occur.

3) How do I know if the software is going to fulfill my company requirements?

We recommend that you first do a requires review. You must first grasp where the problems are before you look at some software solution. Often you can not even know locations that may be more successful. Enable an independent contractor to interview the staff for this process. This will help you figure out where time could be saved and where performance could be enhanced.

4) Where does the CRM fit into the picture?

The ERP solution is a fantastic transaction-level platform and monitoring solution, but where does the Customer Relationship Management solution come into the picture? Will it is part of your ERP solution, or will you use a separate solution and merge it into your ERP solution?

5) Does your ERP Software work with existing software?

Regardless of the approach you chose, certain solutions that you use today would work with your ERP solution. It is also necessary to provide something as basic as integration and engagement with office productivity resources such as e-mail and spreadsheets. A popular database (SQL, Oracle) or software (Windows, Linux) is essential for other solutions.

6) How will your implementation be funded?

It may seem obvious, but someone has to pay for all this wonderful new functionality and enhancement. There would be an ROI for the initiative, but which agencies will support the project? Will the project have executive-level funding to support the project?

7) How much time is allocated for implementation?

Now that you’ve got a solution in mind, when is it going to be deployed? We also find that businesses have busy or sluggish seasons to remember. Everyone may expect the project to be finished efficiently, but you need to understand the time taken by each department and their ability to participate and accomplish their assignments on time.

8) How is the software licensed?

Ask if the software is approved per user, per named user, per module, and there are weekly quarterly or annual maintenance fees.

9) Can you give me any references?

Always ask for a reference. An organization will argue that they are the best and they think they are. The best way to know for sure is to learn about other people’s perspectives. If an organization is secure in its solutions and facilities, it would not fail to supply you with several references. Please ask for a reference from a business close to yours (Industry, size, revenue, employees, etc).

10) How are you going to handle expansion?

You’ve done the implementation and it’s been a great success. You get used to the new system and a new business unit that has to be incorporated into the ERP system is purchased by your business. You need to set up and be able to extend your infrastructure outside your company now, whether it’s a merger, a new product range, international growth, or some other engine.

We hope you have grasped the questions that must be asked before the introduction of your new ERP method in your enterprise.


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