Accelerating Sales Processes: Axolon ERP’s Live Price and Credit Approval at Ashka General Trading

Accelerating Sales Processes: Axolon ERP's Live Price and Credit Approval at Ashka General Trading



Ashka General Trading, a market leader, faced challenges in managing diverse customer prices and ensuring seamless credit approvals. Seeking to enhance sales operations, the company implemented Axolon ERP, a robust solution designed to streamline pricing strategies, facilitate mobile invoicing, and introduce live price and credit limit approval for a faster and more audited sales process.


Key Challenges :


  1. Managing different prices for various customers.
  2. Establishing a flexible pricing strategy.
  3. Enhancing invoicing processes.
  4. Improving salesperson productivity and route optimization.
  5. Facilitating live price and credit limit approval.


 Axolon ERP Solutions:


1.  Dynamic Pricing Structure:


Axolon ERP introduced a dynamic pricing structure, replacing static customer base price lists. This flexibility allowed Ashka General Trading to respond quickly to market changes and tailor prices based on specific customer relationships.


2. Customer-Centric Pricing:


The ERP system facilitated the creation of customer-centric pricing models, enabling the sales team to align prices with individual customer requirements. This personalized approach contributed to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.


3. Easy Invoicing:


Axolon ERP streamlined the invoicing process, making it more efficient for sales personnel. Mobile invoicing capabilities allowed invoices to be generated from any mobile device, while the integration with portable printers enabled on-the-spot printing for immediate customer transactions


4. Route Optimization:


The ERP’s route optimization capabilities made navigation more seamless for sales personnel. This not only saved time but also allowed sales representatives to visit more clients in a given timeframe, leading to increased sales opportunities.


5. Live Price and Credit Approval:


Axolon ERP introduced real-time price and credit limit approval features. This allowed the sales team to obtain immediate approval during the sales process, ensuring faster transactions and providing an auditable trail for credit-related decisions.


 Results and Benefits:


→ Elimination of static customer base price lists.

→ Increased flexibility in pricing strategies.

→ Streamlined mobile invoicing with portable printer integration.

→ Enhanced route optimization for increased sales opportunities.

→ Real-time price and credit limit approval for faster and audited sales processes.




The implementation of Axolon ERP at Ashka General Trading has proven to be a game-changer, addressing pricing challenges and optimizing sales processes. The introduction of live price and credit limit approval has significantly enhanced the speed and auditability of sales transactions. As a result, the company now operates with heightened efficiency, responsiveness, and transparency in its sales operations.


Impact on Sales Productivity and Revenue:


This transformation has had a direct positive impact on sales productivity, leading to a remarkable 15% increase in sales. The sales team, empowered by Axolon ERP’s dynamic features, experiences streamlined processes that allow them to focus on building customer relationships and driving revenue growth.


Ashka General Trading’s journey with Axolon ERP showcases the transformative power of advanced enterprise solutions in driving not only operational excellence but also tangible business outcomes. The company stands as a testament to the potential for innovation to elevate sales performance and overall business success.