Finance & Accounting Management

AxolonERP is a comprehensive VAT Enabled Finance and Accounting software solution in Dubai, UAE, that offers a range of features and tools to help businesses monitor their financial health, track income and expenses, and manage cash flow effectively. It also helps businesses comply with tax laws and regulations, ensuring they are current with their financial obligations.


Finance and Accounting Management Software helps businesses manage financial transactions and accounting processes. It allows companies to automate their financial operations, such as accounts payable, receivable, payroll, invoicing, and financial reporting.


A worthy Finance and Accounting Management Software must-have solutions for managing budgets, financial statements, bank reconciliation, general ledger, and accounts payable and receivable. These modules combine to give organizations an all-encompassing view of their financial performance and allow them to make data-driven decisions to drive growth and reach new heights with the #1 ERP system in UAE.

Key Features


Different types of payment vouchers allow you to fully control your payments and accounts payable.

Advanced Credit Control System

Axolon credit control system provides critical and timely monitoring of overdue payments and customer account balances and places further sales orders and invoices on hold when a company exceeds its specified credit limit.

AxolonERP - Advanced credit control system

Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable

You can rely on us when you have multiple companies or subsidiaries and want to have one solution for your entities. Axolon supports multiple companies and intercompany transactions.

AxolonERP - Inter company transactions dashboard


If you want to settle a debt or an instalment in advance, you can use the Axolon prepayment option. When paying your rent in advance or pre-paying your vendors, Axolon has the solution for the scenario.

AxolonERP - Prepayment dashboard

Bank Facilities

Services offered by banks are a catalyst for any business growth. You can manage your bank facilities using Axolon, whether trust receipts, LC or other services.

Other Features


What is the need of finance and accounting management software in your business?

Financial and accounting management software is essential for businesses to streamline financial processes, minimize errors, and ensure regulatory compliance. Axolon finance and accounting management software provides real-time insights into your financial data to enable informed decision-making and strategic planning. Ultimately, such software improves a company’s efficiency, accuracy, and overall financial health.

What Does Credit Control System Indicate in Accounting Management Software?

Axolon accounting management software’s Credit Control System is a collection of instruments and procedures that oversee and control the credit extended to clients. It guarantees prompt payments, reduces bad debts, and keeps a stable cash flow.

What is the primary purpose of Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable?

Accounts Receivable: The main function of Accounts Receivable is to monitor and oversee the amount of money that clients owe a business for products or services that were rendered on credit.

Accounts Payable: The main function of Accounts Payable is to monitor and oversee the amount of money that the business owes suppliers and vendors for products or services that were acquired on credit.

How budgeting help can companies make financial decisions and plans?

Axolon’s Budgeting feature helps businesses with financial planning and decision-making by giving them a formal framework to set goals, distribute resources, forecast cash flow, monitor performance, regulate spending, aid in making decisions, evaluate investments, control risks, and raise standards of responsibility.

In terms of accounting and finance management, what are bank facilities?

In the context of finance and accounting management, bank facilities refer to the various financial services and products that banks provide to individuals and businesses. Loans, credit lines, overdrafts, trade financing, letters of credit, and other financial arrangements created especially to meet clients’ funding and cash flow needs could be examples of these resources.

What distinguishes standard financial reporting from advanced reporting?

Axolon’s advanced reporting is different from standard financial reporting because it can handle more complex data, uses dynamic visualizations, provides real-time insights, incorporates data analytics, allows customization, integrates multiple data sources, makes use of forecasting and predictive analytics, and encourages interaction. It is a part of larger corporate intelligence packages that facilitate more deliberate decision-making.

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