Accounting Software Solutions in Dubai, UAE

AxolonERP is a comprehensive Finance and Accounting software solution for businesses in Dubai, UAE. The financial health of a firm means the difference between success and survival, whether it’s a multinational company or a tiny enterprise. If you’ve hired more staff, vendors, or customers, and your turnover is increasing, the system you started with may be unable to manage cash flow or management reporting. If you’ve expanded your company over several locations, countries, and industries, your current system may be incapable of handling the complexities of your organization.

Presents Axolon ERP  VAT Enabled Customized ERP Software Solution in Dubai, UAE.

We provide VAT Enabled Finance and Accounting Software in administration with the knowledge they require over their firm, providing enterprises like yours with assurance about their financial impact.

VAT Enabled Accounting Software

Chart of Account:

Normal and hierarchical view of chart of account helps you to easily manage your accounts and understand complex chart of accounts. Flexible accounting groups, subgroups enables you to create multiple level of accounts hierarchy without any limitation.

Payment Request

Payment Request1

Cash Reciept


Debit Note / Credit Note

Flexible screens allow to enter debit note and credit note to customers, vendors, employees or GL accounts.

Payment Vouchers

Different types of payment vouchers allow you to fully control your payments and accounts payable. You can pay your suppliers, customers or any other party with flexible payment vouchers. It is cash, cheque, credit card or bank transfer payments there are dedicated screens to record. Flexible payment screens allow you to pay multiple cheques to one payee or single payment to multiple payees.

Post dated cheques (PDCs)

PDCs are very common in many countries and managing them are critical for every businesses. Axolon provides all you need to manage your Post Dated cheque transactions. These features include:

  • Managing Chequebooks and Tracking Issues Cheques.
  • Cheque Payment Vouchers (Single or multiple cheques in one transaction).
  • Cheque Receipt Vouhcers (Single or multiple cheques in one transaction).
  • Cheque Discounting
  • Security Cheques.
  • Cheque Printing.
  • Tracking Bounced Cheques.

Cheque Transactions

Flexible cheque entry screens allows you to receive or issue single or multiple cheques in one transaction. Cheques can be issued to or received from different payees including customers, vendors, employees and accounts.

Cheque Discounting

Cheque discounting screen allows you to discount your received cheques with the banks or entities that you have cheque discounting facility.

Axolon helps you to manage your bank facilities including Cheque Discounting, Bill Discounting, Trust Receipt (TR), Term Loan, LC and etc. You can easily track your facility accounts and pay due balances.

at any point of time you can know how much of your facility accounts are utilized and how much are due.


Bank Reconcillation

Bank Reconcillation

Trust Receipts

Axolon helps you to pay your suppliers by TR and track the TR balances and payments.

Account Analysis

Account analysis helps you to track an expense for different entities or people. For example to track your telephone expense you can setup analysis for each phone number and select the phone number when you are booking the telephone expense. This helps you to easily track multi-dimensional expenses for each expense account.

Cost Center

If you have a department, division or branch in your company which you need to track the expenses and profit and loss account separately you can you Cost Center. Axolon ERP helps you to track each division performance and overhead by Cost Center using VAT Enabled Finance and Accounting Software in Dubai.