Project Management

Monitoring the project’s health at all times is essential. Adhering to the timetable and executing projects on time is crucial. Accomplishing this requires managing people, materials, and many other resources. With the best project management software in Bahrain, you have the right tools to plan, manage and execute the project with high profitability. Every aspect of a project is covered, from estimation & budgeting of labor and material allocation. Phase-wise billing and advanced analytics tools to check project health status.

Key Features


To address the needs associated with efficient project management and promote operational excellence, Axolon Project Management is the most practical and clever solution currently on the market.


Phase Wise Billing

Axolon facilities progressive billing. Where customers are invoiced periodically based on the portion of the project completed, it provides a way for businesses to receive influxes of cash throughout the project duration.


Project Expense Tracking

Axolon Analytics will help you to control the expense by properly tracking variance in the budgeted and actual. Allows to control and manage the materials and other resources to project sites. Thus reducing the project delivery time and increasing revenue.


Sub Contract Management

It’s well possible to outsource certain types of work to other companies. With Axolon subcontract management, you will outsource these works and periodically invoice the subcontractor.


Job Costing

Axolon analyzes each project in detail, breaking down the costs of manpower, materials, and other resources. It gives a precise idea of all costs associated with a particular project.


Other Features