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The business analytics, intelligence, and reporting features you get from Axolon aren’t just for big companies; they are for you—no matter what type of business you run and your size. More importantly, they’re for your people—connecting them and the exact information they need to be most effective. Axolon ERP software analysis allows easy data integration from different sources and creates a self-service analysis environment that enables users to run. It helps companies gain perspective on their business operations. The term business intelligence encompasses transforming unstructured business data from any internal source into reportable datasets and visualizing that data into graphs and tables that expose valuable insights. This software often creates automated reports and dashboards that can be deployed to end-users and non-technical user interfaces for business users to slice and dice data on their own and perform ad hoc reporting.

Our report contains analysis and insights to help you select the best Intelligence software. The report aggregates data from hundreds of reviews from real users to provide insights about solutions and help buyers find the best option for your organization. The report includes the Grid and a breakdown of data from several sources, including user input and social networks.

Simply put, you get to see more clearly how your company is performing. You’ll have a wealth of business intelligence—presented through insightful, easy-to-act-upon dashboards and reports—and you’ll be equipped to outperform your competition.

Business intelligence helps you to answer the following questions quickly:

  • What are the best performing products last year?
  • Which model of a product moved faster?
  • Which salesperson performed better?
  • Which vehicle used more fuel?
  • and much more…
Business Intelligence software Dubai