Customer Story - Al Jessour

Al Jessour Building Material Trading LLC

Al Jessour is a leading supplier of quality building materials in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. Jessour Group is recognized as one of the reputed Trading, Contracting, and Real Estate companies that has 12 showrooms and 8 warehouses in different Emirates throughout the United Arab Emirates. To obtain operational efficiency Al Jessour leveraged the all-in-one ERP solution by Axolon. Now they can tackle their accounts, get complete visibility of their inventory, access a timeline view of every activity in the purchase, offer a secure online payments gateway, and get real-time insights about their customers.

“We have Implemented full suite of Axolon ERP for our operations and all the users feels comfortable. It has got good and smooth user interface and we can generate number of Reports.”

- Mr. Vyshakh, IT Manager
Al Jessour

Axolon- for Insight and Innovation

It is important to ensure that the company has the most efficient way to view financial information. As the leading trading company, Al Jessour must maintain its financial operations. With Axolon, Al Jessour obtained Greater financial control and created timely reports.
Managing your inventory using ERP is a top priority for most businesses. Taking control of inventory is not at all a tough task with Axolon. With Axolon’s cloud-based software Al Jessour can manage stock, generate reports, operations, and tracking. They can control the movement and stock from their inventory from a centralized platform.
A fully integrated ERP software system will balance the entire buying process. Making supply chain management more efficient is a top priority of Al Jessour. A better ERP makes purchasing easier by automating tasks. This is where the features of Axolon become essential. Axolon offered Al Jessour an organized purchase ordering system to oversee their purchase orders thus they can streamline the purchasing process with a click.
Managing customers is essential for a growing business. Getting real-time insights about their customer is important for Al Jessour. Al Jessour can manage prospects and existing customers through Axolon. They can measure the performance of every sales activity with a click.

A safer and more secure place for Corporate Data.

Cloud-based ERP solutions now offer an incredible range of possibilities and advantages for businesses to flourish. Al Jessour had one requirement to run on a secure server, with easy accessibility through the Internet. Axolon offered a cloud-based solution to work from anywhere at any time through their pc or android. They wanted to generate reports in less time.
Axolon made a significant change in report generation within months. Now, report generation takes only a few minutes. They wanted to access real-time analytics, easier accessibility, and mobility thus Al Jessour opted to run on Axolon ERP.


Adapting to the necessity

By moving to Axolon, Al Jessour wanted to maintain its fast pace of business. Al Jessour wanted to update to the latest trends in technology by streamlining their business operations. The company also wanted to prepare for the future by adopting advanced features. They were looking for a solution that is more affordable and offer scalability. They arrived at the doorstep of Axolon with this interest. Axolon opened the door to a feature-rich solution at an affordable rate. With Axolon’s enhanced features they scaled up the business.