Al Refai

Al Refai

Rifai group was in search of a technical platform to streamline their operations for future business growth. The company chose to implement Axolon. With the assistance of the Axolon, the Rifai group continues to enhance a digital platform using the latest technologies. The company now has a feature-rich platform, which will help the company operate more smoothly and make innovative decisions.

“Affordable ERP and User friendly Software. Provides good analysis reports and easy to understand. They provide Customized report also based on your requirements.”

-Mr. Khatim, Accountant
Al Refai

Where features scripted to progress

Being a manufacturing company Rifai was looking for a solution built with the latest features. Refai needs a flexible platform incorporated with real-time visibility. They wanted to manage their costs, raw materials, supply chain, and labor. Axolon offered them a fully integrated set of tools to help them plan, execute, record, track and control their production. Axolon’s production module assisted them to improve their manufacturing operations.

Apart from the production module, Rifai wanted to digitalize its operations in HR & payroll and point of sale (POS). Earlier, Rifai was using a complex outdated solution to track their Human Resource operations. When they migrated to Axolon they requested an integrated solution that will cover and combine everything in a single unified platform. Axolon’s HRMS is built with the latest features to track the HR process in a few clicks.

Rifai has given prior importance to its customers and their time. By using Axolon’s POS system they aimed to deliver better services to their customers. Axolon’s POS system enhances customer experience through an integrated payment gateway.


Customization at its peak

Rifai needed a solution that meets their specific needs and their requirements. When Rifai moved to Axolon they wanted to modify a few features according to their needs.
They wanted to add some features and options that are not originally included. It was easy for them when Axolon offers customization. Customization features enable them to integrate with other systems also. Customized ERP systems can benefit the organization as a whole when done correctly. They said, with Axolon the customization is not challenging.


Exploring Real-time Reporting

As a manufacturing company, production is the major process in Rifai. To make timely decisions, Rifai wanted to access real-time operational analytics. Axolon satisfies them with its extensive feature of real-time reporting. Now Rifai can produce live reports directly from Axolon. Running on Axolon will help them to get up-to-date reports from the production level. Now they can respond easily to necessities and make faster decisions and access company performance at any time. They streamlined their workflow with Real-Time Data. From tracking inventory to dealing with accounting or human resources issues, it all falls under the same umbrella.