Customer Story - Farzana Trading

Farzana Trading

Farzana Wanted to digitize its operations to a centralized platform. They were looking for a complete end-to-end solution for their growing business.  They wanted to streamline their tasks in one place instead of bouncing between multiple software and spreadsheets.  Farzana wanted to adapt to the latest trends in technology and search finally ended with Axolon ERP. Now Farzana is preparing its company for the future with advanced features.

“Axolon ERP provides us with better visibility on the day-to-day activities of our organizations thus assisting us in making quick decisions in real-time on various business processes. Adopting some standard practices without causing any disturbance to our daily activities has added to the discipline of the organization. The advantage of acting quicker helps us to stay ahead in this fast pace business world of cutthroat competition.”

-Mr. Siddick, Asst. Finance Manager
Farzana Trading

A quest for quality and innovation

Farzana Trading is one of the leading importers, wholesalers, and distributors of fresh fruits and vegetables in the GCC region, known as the global renowned re-exporter of foodstuff goods. Their product line includes multiple classifications spanning meat, poultry, grains, and other foodstuff goods.

As the company rapidly grows, they require advanced technology tools to meet its needs. Farzana wanted to gather insights from their Inventory data, Accounts & finance information, Purchase, Sales, customer information, Van sales data, HR & Payroll info, and e-commerce.  Axolon assisted Farzana to improve visibility and operational effectiveness. 


Enhanced Real-Time Monitoring

Farzana wanted access to real-time operational analytics directly, they wanted to move fast and respond quickly to customer inquiries With Axolon the company can produce live reports directly.  Farzana can get up-to-date details from inventory and make data-driven decisions easily. They gained better visibility by adopting Axolon.  Siddick says “AXOLON ERP provides us with a better visibility on the day-to-day activities of our organizations thus assisting us in making quick decisions in real-time on various business processes”


Smooth Centralizing 

Farzana made a significant step toward centralizing its business data to meet the unique needs of its business.  Farzana wanted to manage operations through a centralized platform, they needed to select the best ERP for their needs. The centralizing feature of Axolon influences them a lot to take the right decision at the right moment. Accessing information from anywhere, anytime from any device through a single platform is not at all a difficult task for Farzana with Axolon.


Support at your Fingertips

Getting support at the right time is important to smooth out the operations. Axolon’s support functionality helped Farzana at various points.  The main attraction towards Axolon by Farzana is its support feature.