5 Advantages of ERP Integration in B2B eCommerce

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In their 2020 report, Digital Commerce 360 estimated last year, online sales on B2B eCommerce sites have expanded by 18.2% to $1.3 trillion.

At the point When most individuals in the e-commerce business discuss the digital B2B buyer, they frequently refer to B2B consumerization. B2B consumerization is simply as follows: Your buyers bring expectations to your site since they have been conditioned by their house buying experiences. That training produces expectations, which must be met in the online consumer experience.

This increase in sales is being experienced by manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and B2B enterprises of all kinds working in a variety of industries. As B2Bs embrace digital transformation projects and transition to eCommerce, a flawless ERP interface must be at the top of their priority list.

But, what are some of the practical advantages of ERP integration for B2B eCommerce businesses?

1) Provide precise price.

Complex pricing systems are common in business-to-business transactions. Some merchants provide dynamic pricing based on changing inventory data.

Others may prefer that discounts be applied based on the customer or order value. There are also tiered prices, new items, and pre-negotiated rates to consider. As B2Bs expand, so do their product catalogues, product categories, and price-influencing factors.

Because B2Bs rely on their ERP system to consolidate contracts, pricing, and invoicing, it makes sense to integrate that information with the B2B eCommerce system.

2) Enhance the client experience

It’s no secret that satisfied consumers lead to increased revenue. With improved customer account monitoring and personalisation provided by an ERP integration, companies can provide consumers with unique service experiences.

An ERP-integrated eCommerce system can provide consumers with information about their items, fulfilment and shipping choices, or purchase history. Brands minimise the need for customer calls for purchase confirmation and updates by delivering omnichannel self-service experiences.

3) Adapt your company for the future

Aside from being simple to scale, an ERP-eCommerce combination has other benefits related to flexibility and customization. You may, for example, simplify operations when your company model evolves or expands into new markets.

For B2B eCommerce organisations that are just getting started with ERP integration, they can connect basic functionality and then adjust and construct their perfect ERP system over time as their needs change.

This agile method is efficient, prepares you for unforeseen scenarios, and helps you to respond to possibilities more quickly.

4) Security and scalability

Most B2Bs store client, product, transaction, or user data in the ERP, and the volume expands with time. As a result, eCommerce businesses demand an effective ERP integration that is safe, scalable, and capable of accommodating their development.
A cloud-based ERP solution provides brands with a solid platform without requiring significant investment. This is a critical benefit since brands benefit from the scalability and security provided by the ERP without the price and hassle of recruiting personnel and establishing an IT department.

5) Provide multichannel experiences

Omnichannel implies meeting customers where they expect to buy, whether that’s at an actual store, on a website, on social media, or much via telephone. Many clients are going the extra mile, expecting to buy online and pick up in person.

An ERP integration is critical in getting these clients’ order and fulfilment data into the eCommerce system. Integrating with ERP and CRM enables eCommerce firms to construct daily customer journeys independent of communication or purchase channels.


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