Advantages & Disadvantages Of ERP Software For Small Business

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For any business enterprise, vital performing functions are marketing, sales, manufacturing, finance, inventory management, human resource, etc. These business functions perform soundly only after proper management.

No matter whether these business functions are large in number, however, they are managed unitedly for extraordinary results in the business, and cannot be managed in an isolated way.

ERP software is a must-

The automation of these business processes is a must for small or big businesses by the use of a software system. These software systems handle business functions efficiently to increase the potential of a business.

ERP software for small manufacturers is the ideal solution for handling the entire business process. Each of the functions of the business process is handled by the dedicated management software system. The module of this software is designed to undertake the functioning of several business processes with accuracy.

ERP system software has a common central database that provides access to information from various software modules. This intelligent feature easily allows the movement of information from one system module to another.

There are many ERP software systems providers in the market and some are offered by the SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and many more. These software systems can easily handle the task related to the Human Resource, Finance, Inventory, Sales, and so on.

Advantages of ERP Software-

  1. It increases the visibility into all necessary processes that are interlinked with various departments of an organization. It makes the working and handling of the departments easy because every loophole can be easily foreseen.
  2. It has resulted in the smooth working and swift completion of processes. Many ERP software providers in Bahrain are capable to provide you with coherent and automatic work for all the departments in an organization.
  3. It is the single and unified reporting system that efficiently analyzes the statistical report and status across all departments.
  4. It has saved the cost of the company because it can independently maintain all departments, and before that, every department has to be maintained through the individual software system.
  5. It has also facilitated the e-commerce integration and most of the web-based order tracking, processing, and payment can be easily handled.
  6. Though ERP is the module software, it can easily organize and implement a few or more modules, based upon the requirement of the company.
  7. There are many companies related to ERP software in Oman that provides various modules for business functions that are covered by ERP system software which are Finance, Human Resource, Manufacturing, sales, etc.

Disadvantages of ERP Software-

  1. The installation services provided by ERP software that is planning, customization, configuration, testing, implementation, etc come at an exorbitant price.
  2. The success of the system software totally depends upon the skill and experience of the workforce. It is necessary that your workforce must be educated about the working of the system.
  3. The efficiency of the software decreases when there is resistance in sharing the information from different departments.
  4. The success of the company can not be decided by the ERP software, however, the employees of the organization must be capable to coordinate with the software.
  5. Up to some extent, this software is complex and difficult to utilize. The implementation and other utility functions of this software are complicated and in that effort, many companies do not get the requisite results.
  6. Re-shuffling and re-engineering of existing business processes can lead to a loss of uniqueness and competitive advantage.

In the modern business trend, ERP system software is the prime necessity to handle various business functions. This system software is capable to perform activities in all conditions like for few or more business activities. It helps the growth of small, medium, and large businesses. Axolon ERP provides matchless solutions as a pinnacle ERP software company in Muscat.