4 Benefits Of Integrating CRM With Your ERP Software

Custome ERP software

Customer satisfaction is always a crucial aspect for any business and what a customer demands the most? Less price or heavy discounts? Not actually! The major demand for a customer that makes him/her a potential customer for the business is always prominent services.

To strengthen the services that better-fit a customer’s demand, a business needs to efficiently manage its customer relationship management process. To better run, this management process businesses typically get associated with enterprise resource planning – ERP for customer relationship management software.

However, a wide number of businesses are using this software separately. But utilizing an integrating CRM functionality with your Custome ERP software can benefit your business process in a lot of manners. With this integration, both systems will share the same database – meaning updates in either system are visible instantaneously.

Here, we present 4 benefits of integrating CRM with your ERP Software

Accurate Proposals

The integration of CRM with ERP allows a sales representative to use the most accurate cost of the product or service – when preparing a quote by retrieving updated pricing information including any available promotional or discount pricing. It makes it possible to get live data of the services that means it is easy for a sales executive to retrieve accurate data of the product along with its shipment dates and locations.

A 360-Degree View Of Your Customer

Its one of the major benefits of merging CRM and ERP as it makes it possible for a business to get high interaction with the customers – which is very much crucial for any business. This integration renders an absolute view of your customer that means you can analysis the like & dislikes, needs, buying habits, order history, preferences, account standing, and much more about your customer – helpful to make major enhancement in your work strategy. It helps a business to create lasting relationships with customers and determine where there is potential for future growth.

Streamline Business Processes

This integration helps us to avoid the manual and time-consuming business activities by making them automated. The key advantage of merging this software is enhanced productivity through streamlining processes and automating workflow. Also, this integration cuts down on the amount of duplication of data entry tasks.

Better Product Forecasting

CRM is the most essential tool for the marketing team that makes them able to handle the entire sales process accurately. The integration between CRM and ERP can support the entire sales process by rendering better forecast capacity with more accuracy, preventing the build-up of excess inventory to operation managers that will certainly result in greater sales revenue.

Thus, when you have an ERP/CRM integration in place, your business will be able to create a seamless and streamlined workflow that cuts down the hectic work of entering the same data in various systems.

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