Choose the best ERP Software for your Packaging Business

ERP solutions

Enterprise Resource Planning software for packaging companies holds a plethora of advantages that effectively drive sales. Our ERP solutions suit everyone’s needs and specifications, regardless of the scale of your packaging company. The Paper & Packaging Industry is going through a transformation phase. In packaging, there is an increasing market for paper and it is incredibly hungry for money. To keep costs down, effective management and maintenance of infrastructure is important. Paper suppliers require an ERP that standardizes workflows for repairs, thus streamlining business processes such as procurement. The paper industry is cost-sensitive and its price line is still a threat to the production of raw materials. In addition, raw materials are still under threat from environmental rules. Most paper mills are undertaking major revamping projects as a legacy industry.


  • Boost your productivity
  • Flexible replenishment of product
  • Rebate Control
  • Sharing and reviewing market
  • Enhancing client connections
  • Monitor and regulate all financial processes
  • Warehouse automation

Continuously innovating, the packaging industry is expanding the limits of boxes, bottles, containers and packets to manufacture goods that are more sustainable, lighter, heavier and use less content than ever before. AxolonERP is innovating alongside our packaging customers with industry-specific tools such as:

Document Control: View internal and external records, as well as email, with full audit trails and history, from protected document management libraries.

Flexible Units of Measurement: If you stock in pounds, manufacture in grams and purchase in boxes, continuously shifting units of measure can be difficult. Axolon delivers versatile measuring units with automated built-in conversions such that the quantity is always precise.

Lot and Serial Traceability: With full lot number monitoring and traceability, more detailed and compliant inventory management is quickly accomplished.

Management of shelf life: Take a constructive position in managing and transferring inventory of shelf life-limiting features. The inventory is immediately marked as non-conforming after the shelf life has elapsed and email warnings are sent out.


Packing products are still evolving, so you need adaptive management resources that can be tailored to your growing business. Choose an ERP that is designed to address all the production-related problems in less time, unlike any entry-level ERP software. Looking to follow AxolonERP to maintain your processes, you’re in the right place. Click here to Request a Free demo.