ERP solutions for enhanced operational efficiency of Educational Institutions

Education ERP software

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP, initially a system developed for the manufacturing industry, is now used in different sectors of the industry, one of which is educational ERP software. Technological change has influenced daily life, including the education system. Using software to its full advantage helps reduce regular mismanagement at work, and focus on the main issues.
Today, the education sector that used to be symbolized by children learning from a ‘guru’ under the banyan tree, has evolved into an industry that even for minor tasks involves comprehensive interdepartmental collaboration. In exchange, this has resulted in a need for improved resource management and allocation.
In this blog, we will learn what ERP is, why ERP solutions are important for educational institutions and how ERP benefits universities, higher education institutions, schools and training institutions around the globe.

What are the benefits Of ERP For Education Sector ?

Control of Inventory & Purchasing

Inventory management controls the entire lifecycle of campus product management by monitoring acquisition, stock transfer, stock use, stock information, stock collection, and stock availability management.

Centralized database

It maintains a centralized database to store student or staff information, management, payroll, HR, accounts, attendance of students or staff, course information, and performance of staff or students, allowing the authorized user of any department to access information about the student or staff.

Real-time Information

It allows employees to add or change student/staff attendance, grades and, whenever possible, provides access to reliable, real-time information.

Staff management

With the incorporation of the biometric system, the staff management mechanism in the brainstem monitors the staff attendance. It helps to process the payroll of workers, tracks employee efficiency and promotes self-service for employees. It enables the users to control their permissions and leaves.

Course management

Course management enables college and university courses to be handled along with their length, costs, in-charge courses and other parameters. It also allows the entrance course, time table, enrolled students, course equipment, and more to be monitored.


It enables users to monitor real-time metrics, assist in day-to-day activities, and involve users with periodic reporting.

Enhanced Communication

What if it becomes possible to save time from handling future students’ 24X7 hour questions? What if you could extend inquiry management without any workforce outside working hours? Wasn’t that going to be more productive? Education ERP software improves communication between student and institute and makes it possible outside the classroom. This also strengthens the relationship between learners and educators. Through the portal or mobile app, they can connect online, through which instructors can upload the assignments and share them with students. It enables students to apply their completed assignments through the student portal online.

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