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The support of talented employees is required for a successful growth company. Attraction and retention of the right people require focus and attention to detail. Manage training, on-boarding, and other employee data within the context of a comprehensive human resources management solution (HRMS) and remain focused on the staff, not on paperwork.
Paper-based and other manual processes, particularly when it comes to managing human resources and employee data, are inefficient and distracting. There is just too much and too large a range of information to be handled on paper or even in detailed spreadsheets.

Here we are trying to address some of the points that might enable the HR Manager to reduce some of his paperwork.

Keeping employee data secure without redundant information: This is the most important task to do, but it is not done correctly by most HR managers. It is due to the practice of keeping employee records with lost and existing documents set in many copies. HR, for instance, typically allows a document collection of employee documents that have several copies, such as a document set for its tax information, for its salary slips, etc and assumes that the set lacks a one-month salary slip. In this situation, we always suggest that we have several copies of employee documents, but none as complete and flawless as some have few items missing while others have others; and if we combine both sets and get a full set of documents for an employee, it directly states that remaining copies contain redundant information and need to be cleaned.
So eliminating obsolete incomplete document sets is the first thing to do if you are an HR and want to reduce the paperwork.

Use the company website: Use the company website to announce circulars, notices, and other information intended for employees instead of making circulars and pasting them on notice boards and sending copies to employees or departments. You just have to send a message to employees to check it on the website.

Scanning documents: Try to keep in your computer the frequently used and asked documents as a scanned file, which you can attach with the email or transmit via any other medium and send them to your employees, or else if they need it they can take the hard copy themselves.

Use of HRMS software: Use of software that records employee data, sometimes eliminates paperwork and enables information retrieval. It helps to electronically manage most of the documents and thereby eliminates paperwork. The best suggestion is to start with standalone software that fits your requirements and is cost-effective if you choose to choose a software strategy to reduce your paperwork.

What are  the most common reasons for using HRMS ?

Improved operation of records: Both employee details, as well as information on benefits, such as registration and status changes, can be handled by an HRMS.

Self-service for workers: An HRMS allows workers to update personal data for simple tasks without requiring HR to be involved. For more strategic roles, this frees up the time of HR professionals.

Central warehousing: This means that reporting can be more effective because data is processed in one location. It makes it easy to view compliance documents. It also ensures that documents such as employee handbooks, policies, and safety protocols have a central location.

Reporting on-demand: Customized reporting of executives and managers can be done “on the fly.” For instance, a manager may want to look up work details by the venue and could do so without having to contact HR. As it relates to employee growth, performance improvement, and wage details, managers can access the data promptly (as appropriate).

Recruitment data management and monitoring: Recruitment components such as candidate and resume management are used in many HRMS systems.

You will effectively engage the employees and boost employee satisfaction by taking a proactive role in talent growth. Use Axolon HRMS to access and track the skills and abilities of staff, training, licensing or certifications, and other information.


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