Reimagination of project management with the latest trends

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Projects used to be a discrete branch of the work that people did every day, but the way we work is changing. Organizations and people have made incredible strides to incorporate digital technologies to help workers work closer together now that so many are working from home. Today, all work is project work, and everybody works on tasks. Projects can range from ad hoc, involving just a handful of individuals, to year-long efforts and whole portfolios.

The future belongs to all that trust in the elegance in their dreams……as well as those that recognize patterns and respond quickly. It also helps to have good timing. The recent technical, societal, and business evolutions will continue to change the world of project management. Are you aware of the project management patterns that will affect how you live, handle your staff, and imagine your career? What does the prospective project planner look like? That’ll be you in a few years, mate. Let’s look at the emerging trends that help us to Reimagine our project management.

Emotional Intelligence

With technology playing an increasingly important role in project management, there is a raising need for project managers with high levels of emotional intelligence. They are the ones who are recognised for making the most out of themselves and their teammates. They have excellent leadership skills, the ability to empathize with others, and the ability to inspire others to produce a more competitive finished product. It is a skill that organisations and project management recruiters strongly regard.

“By focusing on emotional intelligence, which is often considered a soft skill, we can increase both productivity and the quality of our teams’ work,” says Aleksandra Swiatkowska, digital project manager at Savings United.


When project managers become increasingly dispersed and operate remotely, they will rely on modern processes to help them transition to a less conventional workflow. They would need to be able to follow systems that are less hierarchical and more oriented as they adjust to more fluid ways of operating.

Agile is a group of principles that assist developers in easily adapting to transition and embracing a more agile approach than the conventional waterfall hierarchical framework. Agile is gaining traction and is quickly becoming the norm for many businesses in a wide variety of industry sectors.

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A greater emphasis on data analytics and numbers

A large amount of data is used in project management. Project managers are constantly relying on data analytics to make strategic decisions to help plan projects and improve market development.

Big data processing has also shaped the project management landscape, whether used for project planning, quality management, or risk estimation. The data gathered will be used to learn how to shape teams, the scale of the team, how to involve and position team members, and the skill sets required to help handle projects.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The deployment of AI within projects would fully reshape project execution, of all the emerging innovations being implemented by project management teams. “I can envisage in the next three to five years that project team members will call up Siri or Alexa on their mobile phones and verbally log their daily progress reports,” says Stephen Townsend, director, network programs at the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Increased Reliance on Remote Work and Distributed Teams

Remember how you could be sitting comfortably in your office one day and then have to run your company from your living room sofa the next? Yes, it is likely one of the most vibrant memories of staff and company owners as they reflect on 2020. All felt pressured to work from home. Although remote work is not a new phenomenon, we will see more organizations transitioning to remote work or forming mixed teams, making this the top project management theme for 2021.
Hybrid teams have the flexibility of working in an office, remotely, or both. Companies are now seeing that work can be performed quickly and successfully even though someone is located in different locations. This has given more businesses the courage to form a professionally dispersed squad. In addition, more businesses will use the freelancer industry to supplement their employees in 2021. This can continue to balance overhead expenses while still tapping into a pipeline of highly talented talent.

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