Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Front end & back end Application of the Software ?

Front end is Dot net and Back end is Sql database.


2. What is the System Requirements of the Software ?

It depends on the Number of Users an generally we recommend as per the below details
• Server running Windows 2008 R2 Server or above, with minimum 8 GB RAM,180 GB x 2 hot pluggable drives preferably in a RAID formation.
• Work Station Clients running Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 or above with minimum 3 GB RAM,80 GB Hard Disk Drive.
• For Axolon the Database application would be Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or above which should be arranged by client. Initially Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition which is free of cost is enough.


3. How different is Axolon from Other ERP softwares ?

Axolon ERP will cover all your business requirements including Sales, Projects, Estimation, Human Resources, Procurement, Inventory, Supply chain, Accounting & Finance, Fixed assets, all under one roof.
Its Highly User friendly and can enhance your Business through professional approach.
It can Track all your business flow and ensures you the consistency in Business.
It can be Customized for you and generate multiple reports based on your Business requirements


4. Is the Axolon ERP is server based or Cloud based?

Both . But we recommend to install the software in a dedicated server in client premises for the data security and also it can be installed through third party cloud.


5. Whether Axolon Supports Windows and MAC operating system?

Axolon is windows based software and it can be operated in MAC perfectly
through remote mode as the software is installed windows server.


6. Is the Axolon Software is UAE based or Outside UAE?

Axolon ERP is developed and marketed from Dubai, U.A.E.
We have our developer team and support team available in Dubai only, not anywhere outside UAE.


7. How long it will take to get used with the software ?

Axolon ERP is Highly User friendly. Our team will provide the Training and other supports till you get used with the software and can address any queries throughout the year.


8. Do you have AMC ?

Yes , we provide AMC service. It will be free for 6 months – 1 year and can be extended with minimum cost on yearly basis.


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