How To Choose The Best Property Management Software In UAE


For decades, property managers have been using paper, email, and spreadsheets to document trust accounting transactions and writing down compliance reports, rental requests, and assignments. Now property managers around the world are using property management software to manage their assets and day-to-day activities. In today’s industry, finding the best property management software to perform all your everyday activities and streamline your workflow is essential, whether you are new to real estate or not.

How do I choose the Right Property management Software?

It is a critical decision to choose the right property management software since several factors hide behind it to make the right choice. First of all, you need to understand what your business requirements are. And it’s important to know what you need from your particular software. You can also check some of the features below.

property management system

1. Ask for a recommendation

There are a lot of property management software providers in the UAE, and there’s confusion about choosing the right one. So, at the initial onset, ask other property managers, or Industry experts what they’re using and recommend. You can ask them, what property management software do you use? What do you like and don’t like it? And how does that particular software benefit your company?

2. Is it easy and simple to use?

property management system’s main purpose is to save you time, so choose the one that will automate your time-consuming tasks and be simple to use.

3. Pricing plans

Price out your options using a comparison guide. Ensure that the systems are prioritized by the features you want rather than by price. You must consider some other things also:

  • Are you paying on a monthly or annual basis or is it a one-off payment? How much is there?
  • Different plans are there? What’s the distinction between them?
  • You going to be locked into a contract? Is there a fee for cancellations?
  • How much is the charge for setup?
  • For add-on features, are there additional costs or ongoing fees?
  • For ongoing support and training, how much does the company charge?

By comparing these factors, we are able to find the best property management software without any confusion. Axolon, undoubtedly the best provider of property management software in Dubai, that helps you provide complete financial aspects of property management, including PDC handling and property income expenses, etc. Click here to Request a free demo.