The system offers fully integrated functionality enabling HR and Payroll departments to simplify their daily tasks. Its broad set of features comfortably allows for small and medium sized businesses to manage their workforce efficiently and engagingly.

Get to Know Your HR

  • Employee Profile

Maintains the complete profile of employees like name, contact details, passport & visa details, salary details, bank & insurance details, allowances & deductions, vacation & increments, Expenses & Assets etc.

  • Document Management

Manage documents of employees and company with reminders and alerts through this feature easily.

HR Operations Administration

  • HR Recruitment

The system tracks all the process of recruitment in a company starting from shortlisting, selecting & appointing the candidates for various positions. It can also help the HR Person to track the status of visa processes, candidate arrivals, Medical & Emirates ID application, passport control etc.

  • HR Transactions

HR Transactions like employee transfer, termination, cancel promotion, rehire, disciplinary actions, performance can also be monitored.

Easy Way to Payroll & WPS

  • Payroll Transactions

The system calculates monthly salary automatically by considering the factors like allowances, deductions overtime etc. Salary sheets can be generated department, group, designation, work location, bank wise based on the salary details provided at the time of employee creation.

  • Mode Of Payment

Mode of salary payments can be defined in terms particular mode of payments like cash, cheque & bank.

  • WPS Sif File Creation

WPS SIF file can be generated automatically as per the UAE & GCC Labour laws.

Handling Salary Statements & Pay Slips

  • Salary Statements

Monthly salary statements can be printed for the chosen month in a single click. Salary statement for employee whose salary transferred by WPS can be issued and the system can also help the HR personals to email pay slips to all employees.

  • Pay slips

If the user wants to further elaborate on the Bulk Acquisition for better communication and understanding, it is do-able.

Working Hours Management

  • Over Time Tracking

The system automatically tracks overtime and holiday rates for individuals, groups, or the entire company, so you can save time.

  • Error Free Payrolls

Just set it once and it handles the complicated calculations for you. Thus eliminate manual payroll adjustments and reduce expensive payroll errors.

Loans & Advances Management

  • Loans Tracking

The system facilitates tracking of loans and advances paid to employees and allow defining criteria for recovery of such advances.

  • Define Period

The date from which the recovery starts can be chosen and can also stop the deductions for a period of time upon request.

  • Automatic Deductions

The loan EMI from salary payable to the employee will be deducted every month directly while calculating salary payable during the payroll process.

Employee Leave Management

  • Automated Features

The system has the feature to automate record and track employee leaves.

  • Flexible System

The system is flexible enough to define several types of leaves and set rules against them and facilitates leave requisition process and a leave approval workflow.

  • Leave Encashment

Duty resumption and leave encashment can also be taken into consideration for the payroll process.

End of Services Calculation

  • Gratuity Calculations

Calculations for gratuity pay may differ depending on various factors like contract type, basic salary, termination or resignation and the service period.

  • Categorical Reports

The system will add on to the efficiency control and security of the process and provides dedicated reports with the summary of all employee service based on their category and group.

Employee Self Service

  • Empowering Employees

This feature empowers employees to view and make updates to their own personal and benefit information without filling out forms and waiting for the Human Resource department to enter it into the system.

  • Liberating HR Department

In other words this feature liberates the HR team from routine inquiries and data entry and can focus more on strategic initiatives that contribute to business goals.

Try AxolonERP Yourself

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Reduce workload, save hundreds of hours every year by using smart ERP software to manage your business.

  • Reduce costs

Eliminate paperwork, and save thousands by simplifying the internal process and empowering your employees.

  • Engage Employee

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