HR & Payroll Management​ Software

With the best HR & Payroll software in Dubai, UAE, you have a solution for managing employee data, such as employee profiles, employment contracts, and performance reviews. It provides a centralized database for managing employee information, allowing businesses to view and analyze employee data in real-time.

UAE’s best HR & Payroll software provides features for managing employee benefits, such as leave requests, sick days, and time-off requests. This enables businesses to monitor employee absences and ensure compliance with labour laws and company policies. AxolonERP software provides features for automating payroll processes, such as calculating salaries, generating pay slips, and managing tax deductions. This automation reduces manual effort, minimizes errors and guarantees on time and accurate payment of employees.

Axolon HR & Payroll Management software also includes features for compliance management, ensuring that businesses comply with labor laws and regulations. This provides capabilities for managing employee records, assessing employee work, and tracking employee training.

Key Features


Axolon ERP helps you manage your employees and administration easily by using HR and Payroll Software. You can track all your employee activities and track the full history of employment with a single click.


Performance Analysis

It’s important to set performance standards which is expected from an employee of a specific role. Axolon HRMS, the best human resource management software in UAE, allows to set performance standards and evaluate the parameters.


Employee Self-Service (ESS)

With Axolon ESS, your employees are well taken care of. The employees can access payroll, leave balance, holidays, and other general information.


HR Forms

It provides useful templates to help your human resource department draft letters and forms quickly. You can customize and reuse it daily.



You can use axolon tools to manage recruitment processes and candidate flow effectively. Our system allows you to create and store databases of candidates, manage and publish vacancies, and process applications.


Other Features


What are the advantages of HR and payroll software for businesses and HR departments?

Axolon HR & Payroll software benefits businesses and HR departments by automating processes, improving accuracy, ensuring compliance, enabling employee self-service, reducing costs, enhancing data security, enabling better employee Manage and distribute vital analytics while also offering integration features for seamless operations.

What is Performance Analysis in HR & Payroll software?

Performance Analysis in Axolon HR & Payroll software involves evaluating employee performance through data-driven insights and metrics. It aids in talent management, identifies areas for improvement, recognizes top performers, and aligns individual performance with organizational goals.

How does Employee Self-Service benefit employees and HR departments?

Employee Self-Service benefits employees by providing easy access to personal information, leave requests, pay stubs, and benefits enrollment, enhancing convenience and reducing dependency on HR. For HR departments, Axolon streamlines administrative tasks, reduces paperwork, and improves efficiency, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and employee engagement.

How does HR Forms streamline the process of form submission and approval?

HR Forms streamline the process of form submission and approval by digitizing the entire workflow. Employees can access and submit HR forms electronically through Employee Self-Service, eliminating the need for manual paperwork. Faster review and approval are made possible by Axolon’s HR platform, which automatically directs forms to the right approver.

How does the Recruitment process assist in applicant tracking?

The Recruitment process in HR & Payroll software assists in applicant tracking by providing a centralized platform to manage and monitor all candidate applications. Axolon software allows businesses to track the progress of each candidate throughout the hiring process, from initial application to final selection or rejection.

In what ways may payroll software help with repayment of expenses?

Features for tracking and compensating employee expenses are included in certain payroll systems. In order to do this, you might need to monitor and approve cost reports, make sure that company regulations are followed, and incorporate spending data into the payroll process.