In this age of cut-throat competition an effective Inventory Management system helps an organization to manage the inventory with increased efficiency by managing day-to-day activities easier than ever. Acting like an extra team member, an ERP can continually monitor the details of your business.

Track & Locate At Ease

  • Inventory Repacking

Inventory repacking helps to track packed product that is received in one form and then repacked in a different pack style or bundled up as part of product promotions.

  • Defining Measuring Units

The whole process can be carried out with different unit of measurements.

  • Cost History Tracking

The original cost of the product plus materials and labor is tracked to create a new cost basis for the repacked product

More Options to Transfer, Have More Control

  • Two Way Transfer

Inventory Control provides two ways to transfer goods between inventory locations.

  • Direct Transfer

Directly can be send and immediately to the destination location.

  • Goods In Transit

Issue Items, Receive Items, and Reject Items if required. When you transfer goods via this method, all goods must be separately received at the destination location. Goods can be delivered in multiple times and be received in separate lots.

Exclusive ITEM Reservation

  • Reserved Items

Items can be reserved against sales orders, purchase orders or service orders.

  • Check Reservation Availability

The system provides the details on how many items are available to be reserved from each orders or entry.

Efficient Pick & Pack List

  • Pick List

A Pick list is printed and handed to an employee picking up all the products from the warehouse. The pick list mentions all the products that need to be brought to packers along with their item codes and names.

  • Pack List

A pack list consists of all the orders within a shipping batch. A pack list will be used by packers that are organizing and packing products as per orders. A pack list will mention all the details regarding an order.

Organized Inventory Ledger

  • Transaction History

Provides detail of inventory transaction history of items along with the date, stock availability, stock location, Average cost price etc.

Insightful Batch Tracking

  • Expiry Date Management

The system provides expiration date list specifying the remaining shelf life, expiration date and quantity for each batch. This feature will ensure that only the right inventory and goods are being picked, used and shipped.

Product Image Recognition

  • Product Image / Catalogue Attachment

Option to attach image and other documents related to an item in the inventory through product & catalogue attachment.

Plan the Future

  • Aging Report

The Stock Aging report gives information on items in stock for different aging periods. Aging period may be chosen based on inward date or manufacturing date. The reports have multiple filters to decide aging of items based on class, category, brand, available location etc.

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