Fixed Assets

It’s essential to track your assets if you have multiple assets in multiple locations with Axolon, the best asset management software in Oman, you will be able to plan efficiently and maximize asset utilization. Manage all your assets in the centralized database. Keep records of every asset purchase, ensure better utilization, smoother asset life cycle management, perform depreciation management, Depreciation forecasting and many more. You can achieve this with a top Fixed asset management solution.

Key Features


For managing the assets of your business, handling the fixed asset lifecycle, and assessing the effects on financial decisions, fixed asset management software is an essential tool.


Asset Life Cycle Management

From planning to budgeting to procurement and maintenance, Axolon can maximize profit and returns on investment on Assets.


Multiple Depreciation Methods

Axolon supports depreciation methods like the straight line, reducing balance, etc. Enables reduced recorded cost of a fixed asset systematically until the value of the assets becomes zero.


Asset Auditing

This will be you to enhance the accuracy of your financial records. Time-to-time evaluation of the utilization of assets can be performed using Axolon.


Audit Trail

The complete history of Assets will be available, including all the transactions. Every stage of an asset life cycle is monitored. Users can avail of details such as asset purchases, transfers, maintenance, etc.


Other Features