POS Software

Axolon Point Of Sale (POS) Software makes it straight forward for retailers of all sizes to manage their businesses in Oman. It offers a complete shopping experience and a modern solution that fulfills the needs of today’s enterprises—capabilities starting at one point and going all the way to the conclusion.

Key Features


Billing at your point of sale is made simpler by Axolon POS Software. Instantly capture sales and customer information to gain insightful business data.


Multistore Management

Multiple stores from multiple locations can be brought under one platform and define sales price, discounts against each item and location. The centralized system will help in business intelligence related to listing income, sales and inventory details individually and consolidated.


Period wise Trend Reports

The system helps in period wise trend in sales and item demand. This contributes to the item replenishment process and ensure the item availability round the year without any scenarios of an item running out of stock and unsatisfied customers.


Loyalty Management

It’s a good gesture to encourage, recognize and promote customer loyalty. This will aid in more sales and revenue generation opportunities. Point based redemption system helps the customer to stick to your brand. Multiple rules and formulae can be defined to customize your loyalty program.


Consignment Management

Allows you to consign your customers’ products and share the revenue. Consignment can provide additional revenue for the business if it’s not already a service you offer. Pricing and discount management is apparent with this functionality.


Other Features