The system provides complete tracking and insight of the project life cycle. It is simple, easy-to-use tool but powerful enough to give companies real-time information to boost billable hours, prioritize projects, keep the team up to speed, understand their business better, and thereby increase profits.


  • Multiple Projects-Multiple Phases

The system helps to create multiple projects/ jobs. It also facilitates to divide the job into multiple phases, and therefore use more specific details in budgeting, quotes, and registration.

  • Job Progress

In addition, it gives the insight into how a job is progressing. The item & resources usage of jobs, budgets can also be recorded at the time of Project / Job Creation.


  • Set Milestones

This feature provides the capability of generating invoices quickly against each project milestones and gain control over cash flows with a centralized view of all clients.

  • Intelligent Payment Tracking

The system will track the amounts previously billed and provides the details of the balance payments and also intelligence on when to invoice next.


  • Time & Expense Calculations

The project team can register their time and other expenses against each project.

  • Analysis & Billing

Once the expenses are approved, the costs are immediately available for project summary reporting, analysis and billing.


  • Resource Management

The system facilitates to track time and number of resources against tasks, jobs in a project.

  • Receipts Attachment

The System also provides the facility to attach the receipts against each expense for the future references and perusal.

Inventory & Purchase Management


This feature helps the system user to make materials requests in an orderly and systematic fashion to the inventory or purchase departments.

  • Maintain Records

This process ensures that all of the materials which are ordered have a record associated with them and thus makes companies more aware of material usage in a project.


  • Manage Service Lifecycle

The system can manage the entire service lifecycle, from customer call to service to invoice.

  • Get Notification Alerts

The system captures the details of the service calls and provides the alerts on the scheduled processes.

  • Service Request Status

It can also help to track the status of service calls and bills issued against the service requests.

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