Project Management Software

Project management software provides tools and features enabling businesses to collaborate with team members, track progress, and manage project resources. With the best project management software in Dubai, UAE, you can manage project tasks, timelines, budgets, and resources. It provides a centralized database for managing project data, including project plans, schedules, and reports. This database enables firms to monitor and control project activity in real time.

Project Management Software also provides features for optimizing project planning and scheduling, such as task management and critical path analysis. These tools enable businesses to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget, reducing delays and minimizing cost overruns.

More importantly, the software provides features for managing project resources, such as resource allocation, time tracking, and expense tracking. This makes it possible for companies to guarantee that they have the resources, including financial and human resources, to complete projects successfully.

Key Features


To address the needs associated with efficient project management and promote operational excellence, Axolon Project Management is the most practical and clever solution currently on the market.


Phase Wise Billing

Axolon facilities progressive billing. Where customers are invoiced periodically based on the portion of the project completed, it provides a way for businesses to receive influxes of cash throughout the project duration.


Project Expense Tracking

Axolon Analytics will help you to control the expense by properly tracking variance in the budgeted and actual. Allows to control and manage the materials and other resources to project sites. Thus reducing the project delivery time and increasing revenue.


Sub Contract Management

It’s well possible to outsource certain types of work to other companies. With Axolon subcontract management, you will outsource these works and periodically invoice the subcontractor.


Job Costing

Axolon analyzes each project in detail, breaking down the costs of manpower, materials, and other resources. It gives a precise idea of all costs associated with a particular project.


Other Features


How can ERP Project Management software improve project team collaboration?

 Organizations that were previously separated will now work together, and supervisors will have better control over the work being done. Axolon ERP Project Management software will lead to increased production, sales, and better decision making. In short, A better return on investment and higher profit margins.

What is Project Expense Tracking in Project Management software?

Project Expense Tracking in Project Management software is the process of monitoring and managing project-related expenses, including direct and indirect costs. Axolon allows businesses to track project budgets, allocate expenses to specific tasks, and analyze spending trends, ensuring cost control and project profitability.

Sub Contract Management in Project Management software?

Subcontract Management in Project Management software involves the process of efficiently managing subcontractors and their work within a project. Axolon includes tasks such as subcontractor selection, contract creation, monitoring progress, tracking payments, and ensuring compliance with project requirements and timelines.

What role does data integration play in efficient Material Management?

Data integration plays a vital role in efficient Material Management by consolidating data from various sources, such as suppliers, inventory, and project schedules. Axolon ensures real-time access to accurate material information, streamlines procurement processes, optimizes inventory levels, and facilitates better decision-making for timely material availability, ultimately enhancing project efficiency and reducing material-related costs.

How does Estimation & Budgeting aid in project planning?

Estimation & Budgeting aids in project planning by providing businesses with accurate cost estimates and budgets. With detailed cost projections, businesses can make informed decisions, identify potential risks, and ensure that the project aligns with financial constraints.

How does Time Sheet & Overtime tracking assist in project cost control?

Time Sheet & Overtime tracking assists in project cost control by accurately recording the time spent on project tasks. Axolon enables businesses to monitor resource utilization, identify inefficiencies, and optimize workforce allocation. By tracking billable hours and overtime, the software helps in precise client billing, prevents overpayment, and ensures fair compensation for overtime work.