Property Management​ Software

The Axolon Property Management software solution in Dubai, UAE, includes modules for managing property data, such as tenant profiles, lease agreements, and rent payment history. It provides a centralized database for managing property information, allowing businesses to view and analyze property data in real-time.

Property Management software also includes features for managing maintenance requests, such as work order creation, scheduling repairs, and tracking maintenance history. This enables businesses to quickly and efficiently address tenant maintenance concerns, reducing tenant turnover and improving tenant satisfaction.

The Axolon Property Management System is integrated with Axolon ERP, which makes all departments’ work more accessible. Axolon includes rent collection automation capabilities such as sending payment reminders and managing late penalties
, and accepting online rent payments. This automation minimizes the need for manual labor, reduces errors and assures that employees are paid correctly and on schedule.

Key Features


If you’re a landlord who owns a personal rental, or a property manager with multiple units, this app is your one-stop solution. You can streamline workflows and centralize your data, reducing task duplications and the chaos of daily operations.


Contract / Lease Management

Lease Registration, Renewals and cancellations are made easy with desired contract format.  Providing an additional period as part of the contract can be tackled and the number of payment installments can also be defined in the contract. Inspection while moving in and out the facility can also be addressed within this system.


Property / Unit Management

Masters captures all the necessary information related to the unit and property and its corresponding document related to municipality and utility services can be kept attached to the system. Classification of a unit is made possible to differentiate commercial & residential units so that the tax can be applied for commercial unit contracts.


Landlord / Tenant Management

Manage your landlords and tenants in a single place, record personal contact details and track their respective tenancy contracts and amounts. Tenants & Landlords can be granted access to dedicated secured mobile application to apply for maintenance requests, approve work orders and view Statement of Account.


Service Request Management

Tenant mobile applications are of service to book tenant service requests on a preferred date and time. The back office shall acknowledge the request and assign it to the corresponding maintenance team and get the feedback of the tenant once its service request is closed.  The total lifecycle of the service project is tracked and monitored. The inventory consumed for the repair, the resource utilized, the labor hour charges, the transportation expenses will be accountable with this functionality.


Other Features


What are the benefits of property management software that has employee tracking features?

Maintain a record of workload management and distribute tasks to employees as needed.

Maintain higher levels of accuracy and efficiency among staff.

Reduce the number of human errors.

More work is completed.

Receive more frequent updates on follow-up tasks.

Can businesses automate rental contract renewals and reminders through Axolon software?

Yes, businesses can automate rental contract renewals and reminders through Axolon Property Management software.Users can set up automated notifications and reminders for lease expiration dates, simplifying timely renewal conversations and guaranteeing effective lease administration.

Can businesses use the software to create and store lease agreements electronically?

Yes, businesses can use Property Management software to create and store lease agreements electronically. The web-based system offered by Axolon software simplifies the lease administration process for property owners and managers by enabling quick access, search functionality, and on-demand updates.

What are the main characteristics and functions of Property / Unit Management modules?

The key features of Property / Unit Management modules include property/unit details, tenant management, lease and rent management, maintenance requests, occupancy tracking, financial performance insights, communication tools, compliance monitoring, reporting, and integration capabilities.

How does Property Service Invoicing streamline invoicing for property services?

Property Service Invoicing streamlines invoicing for property services by automating the process of generating and delivering invoices to tenants. Axolon software allows businesses to create customized invoices, calculate service charges, and automatically apply them to each tenant’s account. It facilitates multiple payment methods, sends automated reminders for timely payments, and tracks payment status.

How does Rental Income Posting simplify the process of recording rental payments?

Rental money posting in Property Management software automates the entry and allocation of rental money, simplifying the rental payment recording procedure. Axolon software allows businesses to set up recurring income posting for each tenant, eliminating the need for manual data entry. It captures rent payments reliably, tracks payment statuses in real time, and creates income reports for financial transparency.