Real Estate

Axolon Real Estate management software Dubai helps businesses manage their properties and streamline operations. This software allows businesses to automate and manage various aspects of the property management process, including tenant management, leasing, rent collection, maintenance, and accounting.

The key features of real estate management software include property management, tenant management, leasing, accounting, and reporting. With these features, businesses can effectively manage their properties, track rent payments,to manage leases, do financial research, and make educated decisions.

Real Estate

Core modules

Accounts &

Powerful VAT Enabled accounting features to help you run your accounting department smoothly with ERP.

Customers &

Manage your Sales and order processing with integrated order management features in Axolon ERP.

Inventory &

Manage your inventory with Multi-Location Inventory Software Management tools.

Real Estate

Powerful tools help you manage your local or import purchases effectively with ERP.

Add ons

Based on your requirement, you can add any modules with core modules to make the best suit for you.


What role does predictive analytics play in Real Estate Management Software?

Predictive analytics in Axolon’s Real Estate Management Software forecasts property performance, vacancy rates, and rental income based on historical data and market trends. This helps real estate professionals make proactive decisions, detect potential risks, and improve property management tactics.


Which characteristics make up Real Estate Management Software?

Property listing and management, lease administration, tenant management, financial tracking, maintenance tracking, and reporting capabilities are frequently considered essential aspects.

What ways does the software help with listing and managing properties?

Users of real estate management software can build and maintain property listings, complete with information on availability, rental prices, and property specs. Axolon facilitates the presentation of properties to prospective purchasers or tenants.

Can leasing administration tasks be handled by the software?

Indeed, facilities for organizing lease agreements and keeping track of lease terms, rent payments, and renewal dates are helpful. Axolon assists in producing lease-related documentation and guarantees adherence to the conditions of the lease.

In what ways does the program help with tenant administration?

The program helps with the management of tenant data, such as contact information, history of rentals, and correspondence logs. It facilitates monitoring tenant interactions, resolving issues, and guaranteeing a satisfying rental experience.

Can financial tracking and reporting be handled by real estate management software?

Yes, facilities for managing finances make it easier to keep an eye on revenue and real estate-related costs. Axolon’s Reporting features that offer information on cash flow, profitability, and financial performance are frequently included in the software.