Retail point of sale (POS) module helps retailers manage their sales, inventory, and customer data. Axolon POS allows businesses to automate and manage various aspects of the sales process, including product scanning, payment processing, inventory management, and customer data collection.

The essential features of our retail management software include sales management, inventory management, payment processing, customer data management, and reporting. With these features, businesses can effectively manage their sales processes, track inventory levels, process payments, and collect and analyze customer data. Axolon retail POS software in Dubai is essential for businesses to streamline their sales processes, improve inventory management, and boost customer engagement.


Core modules

Accounts &

Powerful VAT Enabled accounting features to help you run your accounting department smoothly with ERP.

Sales &

Manage your Sales and order processing with integrated order management features in Axolon ERP.

Inventory &

Manage your inventory with Multi-Location Inventory Software Management tools.


Powerful tools help you manage your local or import purchases effectively with ERP.

Add ons

Based on your requirement, you can add any modules with core modules to make the best suit for you.


Retail POS Software: What Is It?

A system called retail point of sale (POS) software helps companies and customers conduct transactions at the point of sale, usually in a retail setting. Axolon has functions for tracking client transactions, maintaining inventory, and processing sales.

What kinds of features make up Retail Point of Sale Software?

Sales processing, inventory control, customer relationship management (CRM), payment processing, reporting, and system integration are frequently considered essential elements.

How is the sales process made more efficient by the software?

Retail point-of-sale (POS) software facilitates the sales process by offering an intuitive user interface for transaction processing, product catalog management, and receipt generation. Axolon facilitates quicker checkout times and enhances the general client experience.

Can several payment methods be processed by the software?

It is true that the majority of retail point-of-sale systems accept a variety of payment methods, such as cash, credit cards, mobile payments, and other electronic means of payment. Various consumer preferences are accommodated by this flexibility.

Can e-commerce platforms be integrated with the software?

It’s true that certain retail point-of-sale (POS) systems provide e-commerce platform integration features, Axolon enabling companies to sync sales, inventory, and customer information between their online and physical stores for a cohesive shopping experience.

Can retailers with multiple locations use the software?

Indeed, a lot of retail point-of-sale systems are built to accommodate many locations. Axolon give firms centralized management over sales, inventory, and reporting, making it possible for them to effectively manage several locations.