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Sales & Customer Management

Axolon ERP is a leading sales and distribution management software in Dubai, UAE, designed to help businesses effectively manage their customer relationships, sales processes, and customer data. By streamlining sales procedures and enhancing customer satisfaction, organizations can boost revenues along with maintaining clients.


The sales and customer management module contains tools and functionality for managing customer data, tracking sales activity, and analyzing customer interactions. It allows businesses to track customer interactions across multiple channels, including phone, email, social media, and in-person interactions, providing a complete view of the customer journey. Axolon also assists firms with the management of their sales pipeline, from lead creation through conversion, by providing tools for tracking and prioritizing leads, managing sales activities, and generating sales forecasts. It enables businesses to automate their sales processes, reducing the time and effort required to manage customer relationships and close deals.

Key Features


Solutions for monitoring and analyzing sales growth give you the information you need to improve your marketing and sales team.


Sales Forecasting Tools

Advanced and accurate business intelligence tools for Quantitative and Qualitative forecasting. Axolon helps to monitor sales trends, profitability, etc against each item, location and period based on the historical sales data.

Sales & Customer Management

Rule Based Credit Management

Customer-wise credit limits can be defined and granted based on the customer payment performances which help in early detection & prevention of bad debts and thereby ensures risk mitigation. PDC limits can be set within the allowed customer credit and review the limit on a case-to-case basis based on the customer credit payment.


Multichannel Sales Management

Multiple channel sales can be managed and monitored from one single platform. Overall profitability, expenses, stock movement, Profit & Losses from various channels can be analyzed in one single window or individually.


Automated Recurring Invoices

Schedule and posting of recurring invoices automatically against the services offered based on a time period. Subscription management is made hassle free, and the invoices are created and sent directly to customer email as per the schedule.


Other Features

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