Service Industries

Axolon Service Management software Dubai supports the management of service-based businesses, from scheduling appointments to tracking customer data and billing. Axolon allows businesses to automate and manage various aspects of the service management process, including job dispatching, work order management, customer relationship management, and billing and invoicing. For companies looking to improve customer satisfaction, streamline service operations, and boost financial performance, Axolon service management software is a valuable resource in Dubai, UAE.

The key features of service management software include job dispatching, work order management, customer relationship management, billing and invoicing, and reporting. With these features, businesses can effectively manage their service operations, schedule appointments, track work orders, and analyze financial data to make informed decisions.


  • Automobile repairs

  • Aviation Maintenances

  • Protection & Security equipment’s

  • Cleaning services

  • AC repairs

  • Mobile phones

Core modules

Accounts &

Powerful VAT Enabled accounting features to help you run your accounting department smoothly with ERP.

Customers &

Manage your Sales and order processing with integrated order management features in Axolon ERP.

Inventory &

Manage your inventory with Multi-Location Inventory Software Management tools.


Powerful tools help you manage your local or import purchases effectively with ERP.

Add ons

Based on your requirement, you can add any modules with core modules to make the best suit for you.


Can service management software automate billing and billing processes?

Yes. Our Axolon service management solutions automate billing and billing, create invoices based on completed service orders, track billable hours, and enable seamless financial transactions.


What are the main characteristics of Service Management Software?

Ticketing and incident management, scheduling and dispatching, customer relationship management (CRM), asset management, reporting, and connections with other corporate systems are common features.

Is Service Management Software capable of handling field service operations?

Yes, like Axolon Service Management solutions include tools for scheduling and dispatching field service professionals, optimizing routes, and delivering real-time task status updates.

What role does service management software play in resource management?

By giving visibility into the availability and skills of service professionals, Axolon Service Management Software aids in resource allocation. It facilitates in allocating the appropriate resources to the appropriate tasks, hence increasing efficiency.

Is the program compatible with other business systems?

Yes, many Service Management solutions integrate with other business systems, such as CRM, billing, and accounting software, to guarantee seamless data flow and consistency across functions.

Is Service Management Software compatible with organizations of all sizes?

Yes, there are Service Management solutions developed for businesses of all sizes, from tiny businesses to giant multinationals. Axolon solutions is scalable, organizations may adjust as their service operations expand.