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Deliver Faster and More Efficient customer SERVICE With OUR B2B VanSALE

The Axolon VanSales app gives your reps the

power to do more with full ERP integration,

both online and offline access, as well as real-time stock and customer information.

Increase your sales force productivity and efficiency with VanSales App

Axolon Van Sales Dubai, UAE, allows sales representatives to take orders, manage inventory, and process payments using a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. The app also enables sales representatives to access customer information, including purchase history and preferences, to provide personalized service to their customers.


With the Axolon VanSales app, businesses can improve sales efficiency and accuracy by eliminating the need for manual order-taking and reducing errors caused by miscommunication or data entry mistakes. The app can also assist firms in optimizing inventory levels by delivering real-time inventory statistics, allowing them to refill products quickly.

Main Benefits of the Van sales App

With VanSales, your sales force and your company can benefit in many different ways,

However, below we have the main benefits that’s VanSales offers

Increase Sales

Your van sales force will be able to visit more customers, be more productive, complete more orders, and easily meet and exceed their daily targets, all thanks to Axolon VanSales App that gives them all the tools they need to do so.

Reduse Business Costs.

With VanSales, your sales teams have access to real-time product & Customer account information, customer-specific pricing, stock availability, etc. which saves time the constant back and forth calling for information or relaying orders with admins.

Reduce Admin Errors

Your van sales teams can take and place orders on the go using the Aphix VanSales App. That means they don’t have to call in the office to relay orders which will result in fewer manual order-taking errors.

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The Axolon VanSales App

Other features of the Axolon VanSales App


Real-time integration ensures that your Van Sales reps always have access to up-to-date

In-App eSignature

Real-time integration ensures that your Van Sales reps always have access to up-to-date


Real-time integration ensures that your Van Sales reps always have access to up-to-date


Real-time integration ensures that your Van Sales reps always have access to up-to-date


Is it possible to link ERP Van Sales Software with existing CRM systems for seamless customer relationship management?

Yes, our Axolon  ERP Van Sales solutions are built to seamlessly link with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This integration provides sales professionals with mobile access to up-to-date customer information, purchase history, and preferences.


What are the benefits of using a Van Sales app?

Using Axolon Van Sales app can offer several benefits, such as improved sales productivity, increased sales revenue, better customer engagement, improved inventory management, and real-time sales data.

What are the features of a Van Sales app?

Axolon Van Sales apps typically include features such as order taking, inventory management, invoicing, route planning, customer management, sales reporting, and real-time tracking.


How does a Van Sales app help with order taking?

Axolon Van Sales app enables sales teams to take orders on the go, eliminating the need for paper-based order forms. It also provides real-time access to inventory data, enabling sales teams to check stock availability and make recommendations to customers.


5How does a Van Sales app help with route planning?

Axolon Van Sales app helps sales teams plan their routes efficiently, reducing travel time and increasing the number of visits they can make in a day. It can also provide real-time traffic data, enabling sales teams to adjust their routes on the fly.

What benefits might a Van sale app offer for sales reporting?

Businesses can track and detect patterns in their sales performance by using the real-time sales data provided by the Axolon Van Sales app. It can also provide insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling businesses to personalize their sales approach and improve customer engagement.