What are the Five trends that will change the face of ERP in future

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market has grown rapidly over the last decade, with suppliers providing enterprise-wide solutions that have a wide range of features, can be incorporated into other business solutions, and are flexible to growing business needs. The industry will see a massive change in the next decade, guided by broad shifts in pricing models, implementation strategies, and vertical market adaptations. In addition, vendors are providing intuitive, user-friendly, and personalized solutions to advance technology. In particular, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has a lot to benefit by embracing an open approach to new technologies. Here are the five trends in technology that I think has the potential to change the face of ERP if properly implemented.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (Internet of Things-IoT) is a concept that enables you to insert objects without the need for human intervention, such as cars and electrical equipment, data transmission capability over a network.
In the case of ERP, devices that can be connected to tools and even vehicles are available, feeding data back to cloud-hosted applications. It is then possible to easily access information such as location, usage, and performance, allowing companies to recognize problems such as where unused assets are, or whether maintenance is needed.

Big data analytics

Organizations have become more dependent on IT and have accumulated a wealth of historically underutilised data as a result. This data generation is expected to expand exponentially as the IoT connects resources and staff to the internet. Organizations will continue to use this data by using analytical methods to make precise forecasts that form the foundation of a more intelligent approach to business strategy.

The age of context

With companies increasingly working in a multi-channel environment, it will start to have a real effect on success using technology that understands the situation you are in, what information you would like to see, and how you would like to see it. In order to predict user needs and maximise the productivity of day-to-day activities, PCs and mobile apps can gradually integrate context-aware features.
For example, as soon as they arrive at the repair site, a field service engineer will immediately receive all the asset details, job orders, customer relationship history.


Access to any mobile device at any time and everywhere will no longer be a fad but a fixture. The entire activity of the back office and front office will be available on smartphones and tablets. Managers, executives, and staff can handle key business activities on-the-go effortlessly. Mobile ERPs would offer organisations unprecedented versatility. A main aspect of the postmodern ERP solution would be a mobile-first or mobile-only approach.

Wearable technology

Although much of the attention created by wearable technology has been on consumer recommendations, such as fitness trackers, there is also a hosting application in the workplace. Augmented reality, which inspired glasses such as Google Glass to be created, allows hands-free operations that can help many shop floor employees. Compared to PDAs (handhelds) and smartphones, smartwatches represent an improvement since they are more readily available and less likely to be lost/broken down, etc. Tools designed to track external variables, such as UV exposure or heat, help to improve employee health management.
Experiences like this have already been made by IFS Laboratories, which have demonstrated how business software users will gain from this new technology.

With the development of technology, the better implementation of various ERP software can lead to a more mature solution. As a result, ERP vendors will deliver customized solutions to respond to a vast number of business verticals, giving rise to more personalized ERP solutions. These solutions will be tailored to meet specific business needs. It remains to be seen the effect of all these innovations and the manner in which they form the IT strategy of organisations around the globe. AxolonERP is best among the top 10 providers of ERP in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Africa. We provide you with the absolute best ERP software with a great user experience. Click here to Request a free demo.