Fixed Asset Tracking and Management Software

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Every company has certain fixed assets, no matter its size or the industry. These assets such as machines and equipment are crucial to the success of your organization, regardless of size and need to ensure these assets operate properly as per the requirement of the industry. The management of these assets is prior to any company as poorly managed assets can go missing or get damaged without anyone noticing until it’s too late.

What is a Fixed Asset?

These are the assets that are usually related to infrastructures such as buildings, lands or machinery that a company doesn’t plan on selling or otherwise converting into a monetary value within the upcoming year after purchase.

In short, these assets are expected to bring a lasting revenue to the organization in the certain lifespan that every asset has. The company gets more and more profit from every asset to escape from going down in the sea of loss.

As the assets have limited timespan, companies are required to accurately manage these assets in order to track the depreciation of value that these assets bring, as well as accurately manage preventive maintenance.

For the quality management of these assets, fixed asset tracking and management software come in the arena to provide several management solutions to business in order to make proper use of these fixed assets.

Fixed Asset Management Software –

To keep the proper track of multiple locations, situation, and required maintenance of the asset, fixed asset tracking, and management software plays a major role. This innovative software makes these daunting and time-consuming tasks much simple and highly accurate in order to quickly implement an efficient, serial code-based asset management system.

Features of Fixed Asset Management Software –

  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Preventive and Predictive Maintenance
  • Mobile Access and Software Integrations

Benefits of utilizing this Fixed Asset Management Software

  • Better Data Security –The asset management systems make an industry able to easily store and track the data accurately in order to make it easy for users to mitigate the likelihood of human error — or at least keep a record of the entire work to learn from.
  • Increase Work Efficiency – These systems are professionally designed to render real-time data into how each asset is functioning. This system is reliable to measure MTBF, performance and average downtime to evaluate the lifecycle of assets.
  • Budgeting, ROI and Cost Reduction– It helps the organization to make operations more efficient to result in the betterment of the business. This asset management system allows the organization to make sure that all assets are maintained cost-effectively.
  • Easy Maintenance –Fixed assets are required with regular maintenance to work for a long time. This management system keeps accurate track of each asset, from installation to last maintenance. This helps to maintain easy health of every asset of the organization that provides relief for the organization to dodge un-necessary cost.


Final Words

Asset Management software provides numerous benefits to organizations of all sizes and specialties. You can choose a reliable software that provides enough features – helpful to your business. AxolonERP provides a quality software that helps in determining the value added or depreciated on the definite category of your company assets over a period of time, class, group, location or projects.