Inventory & Warehouse Management

Axolon Inventory Management software Dubai offers multi-location management features for companies with numerous sites or warehouses. You can keep an eye on stock movements, manage inventory across many sites, and check stock levels and allocations at different locations. This ensures effective inventory management throughout the business, optimizes stock transfers, and helps coordinate inventory operations.


If your inventory is adequately tracked, you can have a better understanding of your stock levels and make more informed purchasing and reordering decisions. Whether deciding whether to replenish stock based on predefined thresholds or demand predictions, Axolon inventory management software frequently includes tools for reordering and purchasing. It can create buy orders, control suppliers, and monitor the procurement procedure to ensure you have the appropriate stock available at the appropriate time.

Key Features


Monitor and manage the complete inventory cycle for your business via Axolon ERP Inventory Management Software Solution.


Advance Inventory Management

Managing the inventory is the core of any trading business. Axolon has all the right to succeed in doing so.  Seasonal demand forecasting can be performed to identify the seasonal patterns of items or groups of items.


Batch & Expiry Management

 Lot traceability provides enhanced visibility over multiple levels of a product. Axolon automates the process of tracking and expiry reminders.


Integrated Barcode System

If you want to avoid manual entries, UAE’s best Inventory & Warehouse management system, Axolon is the best fit for you. Axolon’s in-build barcode integration tool allows tracking stock movement via hardware devices.

AxolonERP - Integerated barcode system dashboard

Multi Warehouse Management

Axolon supports multiple warehouse transactions. Users can move items between different warehouses using a 3-step verification method. All incoming and outgoing stocks are monitored. Visibility of inventory at any point in time is available through the system, Whether it’s a stock in transit or a damaged stock.

Multi Warehouse Management

Other Features


How does inventory management software enhance accuracy in stock tracking accuracy?

Inventory management software reduces manual errors in stock tracking by utilizing real-time data and automated processes. Axolon Inventory management software provides a centralized system for accurate stock level monitoring, preventing concerns such as overstocking or stockouts.

How does Advanced Inventory Management differ from basic inventory management features?

Axolon Advanced Inventory Management differs from basic inventory management features in its ability to handle more complex jobs and deliver advanced solutions. It includes capabilities such as multi-location tracking, demand forecasting, automated replenishment, batch, and serialized tracking, extensive reporting and analytics, and interaction with other business activities.

Can businesses track inventories in real time across many warehouses?

Yes, using Multi Warehouse Management in Axolon inventory management software, organizations can track inventory across several warehouses in real-time, allowing for real-time visibility and control over inventory levels and movements at every location.

How does Seasonal Demand Forecasting help in optimizing inventory levels?

Seasonal Demand Forecasting aids in Axolon inventory optimization by properly predicting swings in demand throughout specific seasons. Businesses can change inventory amounts to match predicted demand, minimizing overstocking or stockouts, lowering carrying costs, and assuring sufficient stock availability to fulfill client needs during peak seasons.

What are the benefits of using Batch & Expiry Management for quality control?

Product Integrity: Ensures only fresh and non-expired items are used or sold, maintaining product integrity and customer satisfaction.

Risk Mitigation: Minimizes the risk of selling or using expired or substandard products, reducing potential liabilities and recalls.

Compliance: Helps businesses comply with regulatory requirements for tracking and managing products with limited shelf life.

Waste Reduction: Optimizes inventory rotation, reducing waste by selling or using products before they expire.

Better Inventory Decisions: Provides real-time visibility into batch and expiry information, allowing for informed inventory decisions.

What is an Integrated Barcode System in the context of inventory management software?

Axolon inventory management software, an Integrated Barcode System is a system that combines barcode technology to expedite and automate inventory monitoring and control procedures. It enables organizations to scan and record inventory movements using barcode scanners, providing real-time visibility, accuracy, and efficiency in inventory data management.